Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Release of This Week (Liquid Drum and Bass)

Hello Everyone, this is the tip of this week for "Liquid Drum and Bass".

A great Ep already out at this week, released by DNBB Recordings, the EP "Can't Breath Remixes" 

Check it out our review made by Aaron Mello for this new EP:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Release of the day! Liquid Bangers Vol. 3

Hello everyone, here is Aaron Mello posting another great review made by our team about new release by Liquid Drops.


Release: Liquid Bangers Vol. 3
Artists: Dj Clart | MSDOS
Label: Liquid Drops
Cat.: LD84B
Format: Mp3, Wav (Digital Format only)

Click on post for see the review!

Monday, April 11, 2016

NEW LABEL incoming!

Have long time we're see "New Independent Labels" appearing and disappearing over 10 years of road of our DNB News Team, we already see excelent labels born, grow and die. All them had the pretext and aim to develop the Drum and Bass scene.

All them have the dream to immortalize moments, songs and artists. Thinking in this detail to immortalize songs and artists, Mr. Brian Talbot also known as Basic Forces founded this year 2016 a new Independent Label called: Test Press Audio.

The Concept behind Test Press Audio is to make the dreams of the up and coming Drum and Bass producer to reality .

We believe every Artists longs for the day They can hold the Pressed Vinyl of Their Own in Their hands and be proud of what They have achieved.

Through Pre Ordered Funding, Press Audio Test will be able To provide this opportunity.

100% of the final sales at the end of the Campaign will go directly to the Artist as well as the Unlimited sales of the digital release.

The label does not profit from Music Sales. This is the new way to release music!

You can find more info and news here in Official Facebook Page of Test Press Audio.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

DNBB Podcast Chapter 001/2016 by Mr. Tikky

Hello everyone, here is a wonderful news.

DNBB Recordings start your journey on Podcast at 2016 right now! This time, DNBB invited Mr. Tikky for doing a awesome mix with old, present and future releases.

This is a great mix made by Mr. Tikky from Uk, Check it out the mix above:

The tracklist here is:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Featured of the week: "Mystific - Can't Breath Remixes EP"

Well, this is friday, and we have a featured of this week from Brazil!

Mystific, a great producer and Dj from Sao Paolo, Brazil, will be release a new EP called: "Can't Breath Remixes EP" with some great names include like: Peyo, Carter, J Brown, Mystical Sound and Kurrupdata.

Date Release:

23/April/2016 (Exclusive on Juno)
07/May/2016 (Worldwide)

DNBB Recordings

Let's hear the previews and start some feedbacks about the musics. Let's go: